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Nov 30th
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Excellent piece

This is a well-constructed and articulate outline of this whole sorry mess. Andrew Brown is a hero in my eyes and it is a complete travesty that he has been treated so badly as to make him unwell. He put his heart and soul into the Glow 2 project and was genuinely excited about doing things right this time round and giving users a product that they wanted. Mr Russell needs to take a stance here; he could earn himself some serious political kudos if he does. Some of the things being investigated by Andrew's team were truly world-leading and could have regained Scotland a reputation as a global leader in education innovation. I refer, in particular, to discussions around web filtering but the whole package was going to be awe-inspiring and the reception Glew has received is testament to that.  I am deeply upset by the cost of extending the existing contract with RM and that is with no disresepct to the people involved; I worked with the RM team closely and they are all great people who showed a level of dedication to a frustrating product that is highly commendable. The issue that troubles me is what Andrew Brown could have done with those millions. He was working under the constraints of lack of finance in everything he did with Glow 2 and the mantra was always that there was no money. How the Government can find £5.5 million to extend something that didn't need to be extended is just ludicrous.  Come on, Mr Russell. Man up and make a real name for yourself.

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