Welcome to the Green Velvet Club. It’s a rum place, as you’ll see when you click on the play button, and it was created by students at Wandle Valley School in Carshalton.

The school features in Becta’s fascinating research report, “Digital creativity and behavioural, emotional and social difficulties”. And headteacher Doug Bone was so impressed by the effectiveness of using digital creativity with his learners that he went out and bought more of the Apple Macs his students had used in the project.

Along with the insights into the importance of digital creativity for building confidence for learners in this Becta report, there are also 28 excellent, short video clips of learners, teachers and parents. This is an increasingly useful feature of education research and these clips demonstrate why. They available online on the Becta schools website so take a few minutes to check them out. You will not be disappointed.

In the Becta report Doug Bone describes the effect on one boy who didn’t attend regularly: “He was reluctant even to enter the school… He was very rude to his mum, very aggressive. We eventually got him to come in to look at the equipment. We had it set up ready for him. He was highly animated by it and wanted to get involved – so much so that we increased his time from one session a week to two sessions a week…

"This is a kid who was getting no schooling... The other services have found, as an added benefit, that he’s more likely to engage with them, so… the prognosis is we’ll eventually get him into school,”

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