By Sally McKeown

Martin LittlerMartin Littler, chairman of Inclusive Technology (left), has plenty to smile about. He has just won two awards. First he was named as Oldham Businessman of the Year and then the company won a Rotary Club award for community service.

Delighted to win his award, he said, " I think that we have built up a successful business because the three of us who founded Inclusive Technology had all been special needs teachers, so we not only understood our market, we were our market."

Inclusive Technology is based in Delph and is known for its range of imaginative ICT access solutions. While many companies provide technology for pupils with dyslexia or a visual impairment, there is a very small market for what are termed "low incidence disabilities". Learners who are quadriplegic or have multiple disabilities often require more specialist aids, and Inclusive has become the leader in this field.

More local recognition followed when the Rotary Club of Oldham awarded its Community Service Shield for 2009 to Inclusive, naming it "the company which has given outstanding community service to the community of Oldham and beyond".

Inclusive has an excellent track record in supporting good causes. As well as making charitable donations, it has provided essential equipment for children with speech difficulties in China, and been instrumental in supporting conferences to spread good practice internationally. Recently Inclusive developed special switch-accessible software featuring Bob the Builder with all proceeds going to Manchester’s New Children’s Hospital Appeal. This is on target to raise £50,000 before the Appeal closes this year.

Inclusive Technology

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