John Galloway welcomes a helpful new handbook
Futurelab publicationResearchers at Futurelab, the internationally renowned ICT in education research group, approach their handbooks in a very well-grounded way. They combine a solid academic base with practical examples, and research outputs from their innovative, if sometimes slightly eccentric, projects.

Using digital technologies to promote inclusive practices in education begins with a very easy-to-read overview of the development of the "inclusion" agenda, - from the trends of the 1980s and 1990s to build more special schools, to the policy around the turn of the century to have greater integration, and the shift in language, and focus, from SEN to "inclusion".

A thorough case for the positive aspects of this is outlined, with some ideas about how schools can become more inclusive, and how ICT can help. What follows is a series of case studies, wrapped around a text that argues the case in a very readable way. Not hectoring or proselytising, it provides a measured narrative with short, structured examples - from many settings, early years to FE -  to illustrate the case.

Chapters cover developing frameworks for inclusive practice, and "Education Policy and ICT", and the drivers for moving inclusive education forward. All rounded off with a plethora of useful references and links to online resources.

It is a highly readable document that bears following from cover to cover, but that also stands up to just dipping in to jump start the creative motors. Recommended for anyone involved in education, from students to headteachers, governors and ministers, to focus on the inclusion process, and how ICT helps drive it forward.

And it's free.


Using digital technologies to promote inclusive practices in education
A4 handbook, 74 pages
Download or order a hard copy from Futurelab

John GallowayJohn Galloway is advisory teacher for ICT/SEN and Inclusion in Tower Hamlets. He is the author of Harnessing Technology for Every Child Matters and Personalised Learning.

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