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Sally McKeown was in on the birth of a new annual special needs event - ATEC   

'An embarrassment of riches' was the best phrase to describe the recent Assistive Technology Exhibition and Conference (ATEC} held in Oxford.

Originally designed for 150 delegates, there were 225 of us crammed in to the venue on the day. But no one was complaining.

Royal recognition and top business award for Martin Littler and Inclusive  

Leading special needs supplier Inclusive Technology has won the UK's most prestigious business award, the Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2016. It was announced today, April 21, on the Queen’s 90th birthday.

The award is for outstanding achievement in international trade in recognition that 72 per cent of the special education schools and settings using Oldham-based Inclusive’s online resources are overseas – more than half of them in the United States.


John Galloway previews the BETT 2016 developments that have caught his interest

Bett, the biggest educational technology event on the planet, will once again be at London’s ExCeL exhibition centre (January 10-13) and there are plenty of reasons for those of us interested in inclusion to pay a visit. 

As well as showcasing the latest technological innovations, there are upgrades to well-established products we are already familiar with. 

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Further education will have its own new special needs conference in May, writes Sal McKeown

While newspapers are full of stories of cuts to disability services and every week politicians demand that teachers create more pupils in their own image, it is heartening to see Barclays, with fresh kudos for its Digital Eagles scheme, sponsoring a new Assistive Technology Exhibition and Conference (ATEC) to be held at Jury's Inn, Oxford, on May 17.

picreezaawoodunReeza AwoodunThe idea sprang to life 12 months ago when Antony Ruck, of Archent Consultancy and chair of the British Assistive Technology Association (BATA), and Reeza Awoodun of TechEd Marketing met up to discuss how they could promote best practice in the use of assistive technology.


Inclusive Technology announces an 'eyegaze' world first for SEN 

There may be a lot of hype about 'Big Data', but the first smart software for learners with complex needs has just been created from a UK publicly funded investment.

Insight, described as ‘the world’s first intelligent learning system’, comes from Inclusive Technology. It been developed from the extensive feedback provided by learners who use ‘eyegaze’ technology to control their computers. The project was funded by a grant from Innovate UK.