Accelerated Reader Quiz

Margaret Allen on why evolving edtech is just one part of the story when it comes to reading

Having spent time inside and outside of the classroom, firstly using educational technology solutions and then later on helping to develop them, I’ve had the unique opportunity to experience what it’s like on both sides of the fence.

Teachers are obviously key to all activity in the classroom, but I do believe that the biggest challenge for most is ensuring that technology is a purposeful enhancement and not just an obligatory adjunct.

Deadpool still

Bob Harrison recently visited FE colleges on behalf of the CLA to share information on copyright

Any mention of the word “copying” takes me back to my early days as a teacher in secondary schools in Sheffield. The smell of “Banda” fluid and the sound of that handle being turned in the stock cupboard preceded the age of photocopying, and even that now seems like some prehistoric age.

Today we are confronted with the immediacy and accessibility of digital images and resources that can make learning so much more relevant and inspiring than boring, text-based worksheets and the odd photocopy from a book or journal.

Stephen Heppell at Inspire

Sharing ICT education experience is crucial. Newry principal Cormac McKinney explains why

So many of our schools in Northern Ireland have led the way by integrating cutting-edge technology for teaching and learning.

It was a pleasure to meet many of the headteachers and ICT experts who have been instrumental in this at the recent Inspire school leadership conference at the Titanic Centre in Belfast.

Jaguar Maths

The Jaguar Maths in Motion Challenge is huge, and it has a special event for World Maths Day

The 100,000 young people across the world who participate in the Jaguar Maths in Motion Challenge are getting a special treat to celebrate World Maths Day on March 2.

They have a new competition to find the student who can achieve the fastest practice lap around the Monaco circuit, within the challenge’s Cars in Motion software.

Screen Petra's Planet

Kimmo Kärpijoki, CEO of Petra’s Planet Share website, has a Safer Internet Day gift for schools

For most children, their internet experience is happy and safe. However statistics show that one in five children aged 8 to 13 have reported seeing or experiencing something troubline in the past year.

Today, February 9, is the annual Safer Internet Day, with its emphasis on children and young people. In support, Petra’s Planet Share, a new Finnish website for schools, is giving away a free Ofsted and NC14-mapped e-safety course for primary schools.