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Kimmo Kärpijoki, CEO of Petra’s Planet Share website, has a Safer Internet Day gift for schools

For most children, their internet experience is happy and safe. However statistics show that one in five children aged 8 to 13 have reported seeing or experiencing something troubline in the past year.

Today, February 9, is the annual Safer Internet Day, with its emphasis on children and young people. In support, Petra’s Planet Share, a new Finnish website for schools, is giving away a free Ofsted and NC14-mapped e-safety course for primary schools.


Matching mobile platforms to authentic school needs is the BYOD bottom line for developers, writes Ian Bryan

BYOD policies (Bring Your Own Device) are influencing more than 40 per cent of all school districts in the USA, and that’s predicted by some analysts to double in 18 months. Meanwhile, in countless classrooms, investments sit quietly, waiting to be used. Just down the halls, many other teachers are formulating their own approaches. And some are creating extraordinary results.

We’ve come a long way in managing, securing and moving digital content and devices. Yet at the heart of the matter, in the dynamic between teacher and student, most educators struggle with BYOD.

The experience of getting into college should be as polished as the experience students have been told to expect when they arrive. And admissions systems failures can be costly and put a college’s reputation on the line.

According to WisePay, its new 24/7 online Course Booking and Enrolment Service will not only simplify the booking and payment processes for courses, it will also improve the student experience and reduce administration costs.

World Maths Day

It’s that time of year. Across the world teachers are signing up students in their millions to prepare for the start of the biannual World Education Games, October 13-15.

Now in its eighth year, this global online challenge, hosted by 3P Learning, encourages learners to pit their wits against students their age from locations includig China, Turkey, Canada and the United States.

'Pupils who wouldn’t even stay in lessons become engaged,' says researcher  

Efforts to improve the country’s mastery of ICT, English and maths have been given a boost by a research report published by the University of Sunderland. 

The report, ‘The positive effects of using e-learning resources on the success rates and progression of learners in functional skills’, reveals that students struggling with ‘functional skills’ show a 9 per cent improvement when they use e-learning resources for 15 hours over an eight-month period.