russell PrueEver since he made his name as RM's in-house evangelist, Russell Prue has turned educators on to ICT for learning right across the UK. He does it so well, and with perfect stage manner, timing and humour, that you wonder whether there could ever be canned Prue.

Now there is, because Russell has donned cans and a microphone and is running his own radio show from his Anderton Tiger web space. He was at Bafta this week to catch Stephen Heppell's excellent Be Very Afraid showcase of a selection of the best, innovative ICT in schools (and he caught me too). You can hear it, his second live show at 4pm today (Wednesday) and you can also catch it afterwards as a podcast from his web space. His previous show, much of which was recorded at the Scottish Learning Festival, has, like the others, some very useful information for anyone interested in ICT in education. Internet radio, with a set-up from Radio Clyde, has given Russell a much wider reach, and instantly, and he is sharing his discoveries with schools. They can book Live Radio Workshops to get pupils started on curriculum projects with digital radio.

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Russell Prue's live radio show can be found at or

Be Very Afraid 5

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