Laurie O'DonnellLaurie O'Donnell: right timeLaurie O'Donnell, director of learning and technology with Learning and Teaching Scotland, is stepping down after eight years with the organisation. He leaves LTS in the summer to start his own business working in the same field.

He has been at the heart of a renaissance of ICT and innovative learning and teaching in Scotland and was named by the George Lucas Educational Foundation as one of its "Global Six" top educators in 2008. "It just feels like the right time for me to move on and build on the wonderful experience I have had at LTS," he says. "In the rapidly changing world of learning and technology, eight years is a long time to stay in the same place. (Full interview with Laurie O'Donnell on Futurelab website here.)

"Working at LTS has been great fun and I would like to think we have demonstrated what can be done to make a difference to learning, teaching and continuing professional development through technology."

The Lucas Foundation recognised Laurie O'Donnell's leadership of Glow, the world's first national broadband network for learning and teaching, and Scottish schools' innovative use of gaming technology for learning. The adoption of innovative learning with ICT and the emergence of a new generation of innovative Scottish educators, confident with ICT, during his tenure at LTS has been remarkable and has exerted influences way beyond Scotland.

On his blog, Laurie O'Donnell writes: "It all feels a bit risky giving up a brilliant job in the public sector during a recession but it just seems like the right time for me. I need a new challenge and I think there are opportunities out there to build on my experience at LTS. Lets hope so!

"I will really miss the great people I have been lucky to work with at LTS and across the country and recognise how privileged I have been to hold this post and be involved in all the major developments in education at a national level."

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