Andy Black, by rob EnglebrightAs one of Becta's best, most generous ambassadors for ICT and learning, Andy Black (illustration by Rob Englebright) has helped an astonishing number of educators and innovators. Now he needs some help himself.

Andy Black is pedalling through Midlands and east coast byways day and night to get fit for the cycle ride he is undertaking from Land's End to John O'Groats to raise money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association. Agent4change is going in with £50 - what can you manage?

"On the July 11 I will get off the overnight sleeper in Penzance, cycle to Lands End and then head north," he writes in his blog, Andy's Black Hole . "Ten days and about 1,000 miles later I will reach John O'Groats. I will be tweeting all the way and, if I can find the right device, I'll be blogging too. A mere 100 miles a day for 10 days."

Andy BlackThe real Andy Black"Bikes have played a big part in many areas of my life," he told "I didn't learn to ride a bike until I was 22 and I subsequently proposed to my wife while on a bike - we got 'his and hers' bikes instead of engagment rings.

"This is a small effort to make to raise some cash for the real heroes working with those sufferring from Motor Neurone Disease, and with their families. The offers of support from individuals across the range of organisations people I work with have re inforced my positive view of those working to make lives for learners better."

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This is where you give the money (please be generous) - at Just Giving:
Or there is a 'donations widget' on Andy's blog
Follow Andy Black on Twitter: @andyjb
There is also a 'ride blog' at
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Editor's note: Most people have a reason to know about motor neurone disease. Mine was the tragic, untimely loss of the unforgettable Ian Carter, who taught at Cheltenham College and was a pioneer in the use of ICT for learning. An advocate of Apple technology in those early days when people were still arguing about RAM and ROM, Ian was a beacon for all those wanting to use ICT in creative ways and was instrumental in setting up the influential Apple Teacher Institute.
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