nureva Span

John Galloway gets a glimpse of display futures with the Span Classroom Collaboration System

Interactive whiteboards first arrived with the promise that they would take us to a place where teachers could offer their classes dynamic, engaging, high-tech lessons, and pupils would have more opportunities to demonstrate what they know in a myriad of ways, using those that suit them best.

But we only seemed to be half way there; until the arrival, at BETT 2016, of a new collaboration system, Span. And it's a paradigm shift.

John Davitt

John Davitt, back in London from the edge of Europe, shares six key principles for BETT 2016

Four years ago I left the UK and headed for the west of Ireland. After years of living a dual existence – UK writer, keynote speaker and developer versus sometime Irish peasant farmer and poet – I chose the latter and decided to give it a full-time shot.

The location was dramatic – five miles from the Atlantic up in the foothills of a coastal mountain range. What could go wrong?

Sal McKeown

Coverage of innovative Apps for Good work with schools put Sal McKeown in line for award
Freelance journalist Sal McKeown - has been shortlisted for a prestigious journalism award. She is is the running for the Award for Outstanding Business Education Journalism organised by the CIPR (Chartered Institute of Public Relations).

A contributing writer to a number of publications, including Primary Teacher Update and, she was nominated for this award for her coverage of innovative education organisation Apps for Good which included “Denbigh helps young carers for apps for good”.

Stratocruiser San Francisco

Is the advent of 'the cloud' comparable with the impact of jet engines on aviation and society, asks Gerald Haigh
Recently, with a cousin, I was remembering our late Auntie Betty, who went to the States as a 'GI bride' after the War. What I remember is that she returned on a visit in the mid-1950s on a BOAC Boeing Stratocruiser that landed at Heathrow on three engines, one having failed en route.

This sparked my curiosity and I found myself looking into the big aircraft engines that were used in the period before the arrival of the first really practical jets.

Get on your bargain bin diving gear – Carol Allen raids the petty cash for her new column
logo Pound Shop PedagogyYou don’t have to be a 1970s disco victim to be transfixed by glitter balls. I love them, and so do many of the children I work with. And the High Street electrical chain Maplins literally sparkles with them.

If you are within reach of one of their stores it’s worth dropping in to see whether any of them are on offer – there are regular discounts – but all of the ones below are available from their website.