Microsoft has created an offer for the Government’s Home Access programme to bridge the "digital divide" between home and school. The Microsoft Home Learning Package is comprised of the "Ultimate" edition of Office 2007 – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, Windows Live Essentials, plus online features like Photosynth, SkyDrive (storage), Virtual Earth and Worldwide Telescope.

“We know that when students have access to technology at school as well as at home they are more motivated and their parents are able to take a more active interest in their education," says Steve Beswick, Microsoft’s director of education.

The package also provides a range of extra resources to help families who might be using online computers for the first time. These include Family Safety Settings, so that parents can set and monitor how their children use the internet, and the Digital Literacy Curriculum – a set of skills training courses that cover everything from how to use word processors, email and the internet through to digital photography and music.

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