By Hugh John

Gigajam, the BETT award-winning online music service is expanding. It has added Stoke and Bolton to its UK bases, and it's going global to provide innovative music education facilities through partnerships in Holland, Australia and Finland.

The city-wide, Breedbanknetwerk Onderwijs Amsterdam (BOA) project, spearheaded by Muziek School Amsterdam West (MSA), is expected to be fully functional in 2010. It will ensure that Gigajam's Essential Skills Courses - guitar, bass, keyboard, drums and theory (in English and Dutch) - are available to all the city’s schools, teachers and students.

In Australia, well-established music tuition provider Down Under Soundhouse Music has added Gigajam to its range of instrument courses. And Gigajam has become a partner in the city of Oulu's Future School of Finland project which “takes a holistic look at education, taking the physical environments, curriculum and resources as whole”.

Meanwhile, in the UK, Gigajam's Essential Skills Course will soon be offered on Bolton LA's learning platform, giving all the authority’s students the opportunity to learn guitar, bass, keyboard and drums - at school and at home. Smithhills Specialist Arts College will be among the first of Bolton's education centres to roll out Gigajam and training is expected to commence by the end of June.

Finally, Gigajam has been included in the Stoke music service's dedicated technology suite, which has been designed with the explicit aim of providing music tuition. Students will initially have access to Gigajam and the excellent O-Generator music software with other music applications added at a later date.

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