'Inspiring Maths' coverThe University of Chichester report"Inspiring Maths in the classroom" is a report from the University of Chichester's Alison Clark-Wilson and Adrian Oldknow into ICT for mathematics. It's based on work with Texas Instruments calculators and software in seven English secondary schools as part of theĀ  TI-Nspire Research Evaluation Project which started in 2007.

Although the work involved the use of TI-Nspire devices, the classroom findings and insights that pack the report are relevant and useful for school users of other brands, says TI's Spencer Williams, who also points to the extensive free TI CPD available for schools whatever technology they use (they can also use class sets of TI-Nspires free of charge for up to a month).

The free 68-page A5 report can be ordered through the "case studies" section of theĀ  TI education website or downloaded as a PDF file. From the same website maths teachers can also download free resources developed with the producers of the popular US crime drama Numb3rs, in which maths experts are called in to help detectives solve crimes.

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