Trust learners and decisions get easier – for technology too, says Dan Buckley
Silverton Primary SchoolSilverton Primary School: learners help save on ICT with wise buying decisionsPicture the scene, a 10-year-old showing a proud headteacher (and fellow lifelong learner) a detailed model of the RMS Titanic, made from imagination, sticky tape and a week’s worth of full-time enthusiasm. Dig deeper and you find that this model is – excuse the pun – the tip of the iceberg. 

The project, entirely designed and inspired by the learner, involved detailed research, scientific experimentation, presentations to audiences, art work, project planning and target setting, collaboration with more than one other group, a presentation on the school-based radio station and an appearance of Silverton Primary's own student-led TV station.  

Education has lessons for other UK sectors according to new global research
Lego classroomInnovation alive in UK classroomsIt's difficult to work out whether the UK workforce is an example of healthily techno-cynical Brits when you delve into part two of "The Evolving Workforce", a major research project from Dell and Intel. Or whether it's the product of a national leadership that has failed to deliver a technology-adept nation while developing countries race ahead.

But what emerges clearly from the views of more than a thousand UK workers – in a major canvas of 8,360 people across 11 countries – is the vanguard position of education across all sectors, whether public or private. And a key trend is employee-led innovation where teachers are playing a crucial role.

Daniel McKeown checks out a report into the 'thorny problem' of young social networkers
Facebook privacyOne in five European 9 to 12-year-olds have a Facebook profile, according to EU Kids Online, a project run by the London School of Economics (LSE), prompting policy discussions at the European Union, a sponsor of the project.

The minimum age for using Facebook is 13, according to the site's terms and conditions. However, the large number of under-age users indicates that current checks are ineffective.

Global research into innovative teaching is pinning down the conditions for transformational reform
Cover ITL research reportThe latest findings from international research into innovative learning and teaching with technology from Microsoft's Partners in Learning programme has been welcomed by top education change expert Michael Fullan.

“This latest ITL research is the clearest conceptual and empirical example that I have seen of how technology and pedagogy can be effectively integrated, although it too shows that we have a long way to go," he says.

Gerald Haigh visits his alma mater to learn that a good attitude to technology correlates with good learning habits

Girl drawing on touchscreenIs there a digital native? Not according to new Open University researchA new research project by the Open University explores the much-debated concept of “the digital native”. The university does this by making full use of the rich resource which is its own highly diverse student body.

It concludes that while there are clear differences between older people and younger in their use of technology, there’s no evidence of a clear break between two separate populations.