The RingO Universal Tablet Mount exalts Hugh John's iPad2 to new vantage points
RingO car mountRingO: 'perfect angle for backseat viewers'The RingO, is a modular mounting system, designed by Dutch company Vogel's, which extends the functionality of tablet devices – Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy etc. It allows them to be used safely and with confidence in virtually any situation – on a wall, in a car or upright on a table.

Essentially, RingO comprises a sturdy plastic shell, which clips securely on to the back of the tablet, and a selection of mounts. The shell has cut-outs that marry up to the different requirements of whatever particular device is being used (for example, the second camera in an iPad) and a larger central hole, 4cm in diameter, which accepts the various RingO attachments.

As you might expect from a company which has been making audio and video mounts for the past 35 years, the unit is well manufactured and simple to assemble. Clipping the shell (below, left) on to the back of an iPad takes no more than a few seconds and once that’s done it’s a matter of choosing the appropriate mount and plugging it in.

RingO wall mountRingO wall mountVogel presently offer four solutions; two wall mounts, one a simple plug-in, the other articulated, a car mount which clips around the headrest support struts, and a table stand that secures tablets in portrait and landscape mode. The most cost-effective combination is the ‘All in One’ pack which has everything except the articulated mount and the soon to be released Adhesive Mount (likely to prove especially popular with those early adopters who are loathe to drill holes in their freshly tiled and decorated kitchens and bathrooms!) Keep a close tab on the Vogel website as the company is constantly adding to its mount collection.

The attraction of the RingO is its all-encompassing functionality and robustness though, strange to say, two of the units bordered on being too well constructed. The table stand that came with my review pack needed serious effort to disengage it from the plastic shell and the car-mount showed a similar unwillingness to be decoupled before it could be locked around the headrest supports. (Incidentally, the tablet-holding section of the car mount swivels and pivots, allowing backseat passengers a perfect viewing angle.)

But don’t let these minor grumbles put you off; after all, better in a school environment to be more rather than less secure! This is a system which has been designed and engineered to an impressively high level and will surely appeal to individuals or institutions who need to mount and display tablets securely, in a variety of situations and with the minimum of fuss.

Ratings (out of 5)
Fitness for purpose     5
Ease of use                 4
Features                      5
Quality                         5
Value for money          4

Vogel’s RingO Universal Mounting System

Mount fitting for back of tablet device, including Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab, along with fittings for stand-up use or attachment to other surfaces including walls and car headrests. Available at around £109 from Apple Stores and online.
The Vogel site, with details of all the mounts and a rather sweet demonstration video is at: