Livescribe Pulse penDon’t bin your pens yet but that day may be coming sooner than you think for those of us who rely on written notes - people like journalists or students for example. “I want one,” was the chorus around a meeting this week at which consultant Tom Weaver gave an impromptu demonstration of his new Livescribe Pulse pen and the paper pad that came with it (pictured, and below). It’s a digital pen that records your written notes along with audio from your meeting. Later, you just click the pen against the written note and the audio runs in an instant. Transcription of your notes suddenly becomes quick and easy. It does a lot more too, like let you share notes and audio digitally.

Livescribe paper pad

The Livescribe Pulse pen has been available for some time in the US at between $159 and $200 dollars but it’s now possible to get one in the UK.

To find out more about how to use one and how to get one, visit Tom’s blog at:

Livescribe Pulse

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