Power loss is the biggest bugbear for users of digital devices – but not when you have a mophie
Mophie juice pack powerstation PROMophie juice pack powerstation PROSmart they might increasingly be, but the current crop of smartphones isn't feted for staying power. The most you are likely to get on one battery is one day, if that. And some phone makers won’t even allow you to a spare battery.

That's why, for those who need to be connected 24/7, a recharge device like the mophie juice pack powerstation PRO (pictured) can be a lifesaver.

First seen at David Fanning’s Digital Summer event (see "Digital Summer hot for latest gizmos"), where mophie showed a range of products for Apple, including some very cool looking spare battery “backs” for iPhones, a powerstation PRO, which can be used with a wide range of devices from other manufacturers, was subsequently sent out for review. 

It could hardly be simpler despite mophie's evident problems with upper and lower case letters which guarantee inconsistent spellings of its products worldwide. A box roughly the size of a portable hard drive, but twice the thickness, the powerstation PRO has just two USB connectors (standard slim and universal micro) a set of four little LEDs to indicate charging strength (capacity 6,000 mAh) it's and a button for starting charge or simply checking charging level. You charge it via its micro USB over a few hours - overnight was most practical during this trial - and charge your device from its standard USB port.

The powerstation PRO (around £100 online, eg Amazon) proved its worth on a regular basis. It managed to charge two HTC smartphones in one session before running out of juice, and was capable of almost filling a Samsung Galaxy Pad (the same goes for an iPad too). It's as robust as it looks in the photograph above and although it might not be absolutely waterproof, it does conform to an international IP65 rating whhich means that it's completely dustproof and capable of resisting water being sprayed on it (but just in case you are tempted, the handbook warns you not to take it with you into the shower!).

Does what it says on the box

There’s not a lot more to say. It really does do what it says on the box. Other reviewers have put “pass-through” on their wish lists – the ability to recharge your mophie as you charge your phone – but that was not an issue for this user who used it purely as emergency rescue rather than power maintenance.

Some may find the mophie juice pack powerstation PRO a tad bulky. If they require something sleeker and more stylish it’s worth checking the mophie juice pack powerstation (PRODUCT)RED, a perfect candidate for the shirt pocket. It looks good, it’s light and, at 4000 mAh, it’s only just below the capacity of the PRO and is available online for less than £60.

Despite its liberties with the English language, it’s worth keeping an eye on mophie because the innovation simply doesn’t stop. New juice packs are being added, like the powerstation DUO which can fully charge an iPad, Its new powerstand for the iPad has attracted much attention – and could be very useful in classrooms – and since Digital Summer 2012 there have been other new products. The powerstation duo can handle two iPhones simultaneously and is capable of completely recharging an iPad, while the OUTRIDE iPhone 4S casing, through an ingenious combination of hardware and software, turns the phone into a ruggedised and weatherproof action camera complete with wide-angle lens.

Ratings (out of 5)   
Fitness for purpose   4
Ease of use               5
Features                   4
Quality                      5
Value for money       4

Mophie juice pack powerstation PRO

Ruggedised mobile power pack for recharging digital devices, around £100 from online outlets