Oops! Sorry, I didn't read down as far as Becta's own review of The Three Little Cowboy Builders on the Curriculum Online website. It seems that before it decided to back a wild claim that the product is offensive to Muslims and builders, Becta thought it was "fantastic" and "a delight".

This is what Becta's school-based reviewer wrote: "The 3 Little Cowboy Builders is a fantastic resource that could be recommended to any Primary School. With The 3 Little Cowboy Builders, Shoo fly have produced an exciting and innovative resource that would enhance any Primary curriculum!

"The range of animated mechanisms, sound and music is a delight, and unique to any resource that I have seen or used before. In school we are striving to provide a good curriculum that is enriched for enjoyment, thus achieving high academic and personal development. The 3 Little Cowboy Builders certainly supports this. Children of all abilities are totally involved, motivated and inspired. The resource has an amazing effect as they are eager to watch, join in and respond to the superb animations.

"From a teacher's point of view, Shoo Fly has provided something that has been long awaited. It is full of fabulous ideas and resources that could be used in a variety of ways. For Primary Teachers, including those who may have lost some enthusiasm, this is definitely a resource for them. It allows delivery through exciting and challenging lessons..."

Curriculum Online review: