Drew Buddie finds two must-have add-ons for tablets and phones – the Mobio Grip and Olloclip lens
MobiogripThe Mobio Grip is one of the niftiest and most versatile accessories I have yet seen for use with a tablet. As a teacher I have had great trouble knowing how to hold my iPad when trying to demonstrate a topic to a group of students.

Somehow I have felt that clutching it by its frame seems clumsy and inadequate and can result in breakage. Thus I was thrilled to discover that simply by putting the 10p piece-sized Mobio Grip magnet (around £29 online) in the centre of the rear of the tablet to which the Mobio Grip itself can be temporarily attached, you get for a minimum of effort, an ergonomic handle for holding the tablet. 

Mobio GripThe Mobio GripUntil you have used this little accessory it may not actually be clear what its benefits are, but as I found out it is perfectly suited to the job it does.  As an added bonus, when the Mobio Grip is attached it allows the tablet to be positioned at an angle when placed on a surface in either portrait or landscape. A sign of the usefulness of an accessory is how long you continue to use at after your first acquired it – I am still using my Mobio Grip four months after coming across it at a Digital Seasons event it and I would be lost without it, so QED.
Mobio Grip 

Another totally indispensable accessory that I have started to derive great benefit from is my Olloclip multi-lens (around £60 online) for iPhone. This versatile yet simple device easily clips over the camera on the rear of an iPhone, and in so doing it gives added functionality to the built-in camera without needing to purchase an iPhone App.

OlloclipOlloclipWhen placed one way round, the iPhone can take breathtaking fisheye lens images – truly superb when in large sporting arenas, or when you need to capture a large area but are actually in a confined space. Flip the neat little gadget around and you’ve got two further lenses in one. First, a wide-angled lens capable of capturing magnificent vistas, and, when you unscrew that lens, you are left with a macro lens with which you can capture impressive close-up shots that would simply not be possible with the native iPhone lens.

I love the flexibility of this accessory because although I have a backplate stuck to the rear of my iPhone 5, rendering it too thick for the iPhone 5 Olloclip, I was able to fit the slightly wider iPhone 4 Olloclip with ease. The results of the images I have captured with it are very impressive, with many people asking me how I was able to capture such shots with just my iPhone. Consequently, this accessory goes everywhere with me now – it comes in a little pouch and takes up no more room than a handful of change.I don’t want any accessories I carry for use with my iPhone to be a burden (like over ear earphones or styluses) but this little piece of kit is perfect for the person who likes to travel light.
For more on Olloclip see "iCame, iSaw, iCaptured" 

Drew Buddie is head of computing at the Royal Masonic School for Girls and is junior vice-chair of Naace