CosmoBotBETT welcome for CosmoBotNo less than four robots vied for attention at BETT 2009. There was the update to the original Roamer floor robot for primary schools from Valiant Technology (the clever Roamer-Too), RM’s new break-dancing ED-E, the award winning Wowwee range with powerful new software from Q4 Technologies, and new bot on the block CosmoBot from US firm AnthroTronix.

While ED-E the humanoid biped can be programmed to perform dance routines and the Wowwee robots like Feminsapien and RoboSapien and Roamer allow children, even those of primary age, to use and write control programs these interactive robots are not just designed to teach robotics.

CosmoBot is aimed at teaching children with disabilities such as speech and language problems to express themselves. With its fully mobile limbs and a mouth that moves the robot can mimic voice and movement – a useful device teachers and therapists can use to help guide a child through therapeutic activities. As the child improves the robot can be programmed to set more challenging tasks. Now Valiant Technology is collaborating with AnthroTronix to bring this technology to the UK, and showed the first fruits of the new partnership on its stand at BETT.

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