John Galloway is impressed by the extra versatility that the Sweezz brings to whiteboard use
SweezzIt's not 'all eyes front' with the SweezzWhiteboards should stir up a bit of excitement sometimes, injecting a bit of pizzazz into a lesson with a video clip, animation or game. Something to get the students listening and looking more keenly as the learning becomes more engaging. Seldom does the way it is attached to the wall raise any interest at all.

The versatile Sweezz mounts for interactive whiteboards and projectors should change that with 'off the wall' design

Using these mounts, boards (and projectors) can be raised and lowered – and the Sweezz Electric uses an electric motor option to carry out the movements electronically. 'So what?" you may think. We’ve had these kinds of mounts for years. Yes, but a Sweezz can also be manually swung out from the wall, then turned vertically through 180 degrees.

This means that rather than just being on one, flat plane, with no option but for groups to sit directly in front of it, your whiteboard can now also be swung out and around so that small groups and individuals can use it in a much more focused way. And the rest of the class can’t see it, so they can get on with something else, oblivious to the distraction of whatever is on the board.

It can be lowered almost to the ground for those who prefer to sit, or lie, on the floor

This flexibility makes it great for those with special needs, particularly as the facility exists to mount it at something of a tilt. It can be lowered almost to the ground for those who prefer to sit, or lie, on the floor – or raised high enough for easy use by a standing adult. It can also be swung around so activities become almost private, even in a busy room.

The manufacturers of Sweezz, who use the slogan "Pull, turn and teach", reckon that there are health and safety benefits for teachers too. They can use their boards at their optimum height for comfort.

In giving far more options for whiteboard users, the Sweezz is creating a bit of a buzz. Whether the content of the board does the same will, of course, be up to the teacher...

Ratings (out of 5)
Fitness for purpose    5
Ease of use                5
Features                    5
Quality                       4
Value for money        3

Sweezz mounts for interactive whiteboards
Sweezz, made by TeachYou BV in the Netherlands, produces mounts to give extra flexibility to a wide range of interactive whiteboards and projectors. They are available in the UK from Elementary Technology from around £999
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