Mobile technology keeps getting better – and for sharing too, writes Hugh John 

Kingston MobileLiteMobileLite is not the first wi-fi storage device for sharing data that Kingston has brought to market. – the Wi-Drive, a flash memory unit which remains popular – but it could well be its most successful yet in terms of usefulness and affordability.

Shorter and narrower than a regular smartphone but significantly thicker, this device is not going to rival the svelte Wi-Drive in the looks department but the squat plastic case in muted silver and black livery houses some impressive Wi-Fi technology that creates a local wireless hotspot which can be accessed by Android Apple and Windows devices. And Android and iOS users get their own app to make it even easier.

Careful forethought brings valuable options for Dell's new tablet, the Venue 11
Sell Venue 11 ProIt was about time Apple's iPad was given a run for its money. Yes, Android tablets have made an impact, providing a credible alternative, but those with an investment in Microsoft technology faced the prospect of a forced mixed economy until Microsoft's Surface came over the hill last year.

At the BETT 2014 educational technology show in January the range of choices was reassuring. One of the more appealing new Windows tablets was the Dell Venue 11 Pro. This was selected by schools supplier Joskos as a contender for customers looking for iPad alternatives because it has one of the best detachable keyboards available (there's also a dock for desktop use if needed)

Drew Buddie finds two must-have add-ons for tablets and phones – the Mobio Grip and Olloclip lens
MobiogripThe Mobio Grip is one of the niftiest and most versatile accessories I have yet seen for use with a tablet. As a teacher I have had great trouble knowing how to hold my iPad when trying to demonstrate a topic to a group of students.

Somehow I have felt that clutching it by its frame seems clumsy and inadequate and can result in breakage. Thus I was thrilled to discover that simply by putting the 10p piece-sized Mobio Grip magnet (around £29 online) in the centre of the rear of the tablet to which the Mobio Grip itself can be temporarily attached, you get for a minimum of effort, an ergonomic handle for holding the tablet. 

Raspberry Pi is a little techie – but FUZE makes it easier for teachers to manage, says Drew Buddie
picfuzeraspberrypiWhen your 13-year-old daughter excitedly exclaims, “What’s that gadget dad?  It looks DEAD cool!”, you know you’re on to a winner.  When the gadget concerned is a bright red, retro-looking computer, you know you have something exceptional in your hands.

I found myself in this situation when I unboxed the new FUZE for Raspberry Pi in all its pillarbox red glory. I don’t think I had been quite so excited by a delivery to my home since Santa brought me a Jean Michel Jarre album in the 1970s – and this was just a sturdy white box.

CrazyTalk 7 brought easy animation to the desktop. Its mobile app brings it to your fingertips, says Hugh John
CrazyTalk AppAnyone familiar with the full CrazyTalk 7 animation software program will know what a powerful, creative and, above all, fun tool it is, managing to make animation seem a relatively simple and easy process.

Reallusion Inc, the publisher, has managed to transfer these remarkable lip-syncing techniques into a free CrazyTalk app for Apple mobile devices. This time round however, gestures are added by using finger and hand gestures made possible by touch-screen technology.