Hugh John reviews Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9

It’s a little scary when you come across speech recognition software that has the contextual nous to differentiate between Foxx and fox, but that’s what Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 can do.

Say, “Jamie Foxx the actor” and you’ll get the double-X version, mention, “furry fox” and you’ll get the single X. Doubtless this sort of acumen can be explained in terms of word nets, relevant vocabulary and databases but it’s still very impressive. Good Dragon.

Flexiscreen Lite

Based in Lisbon, Vicoustic is Portuguese technology company specialising in "acoustic solutions" for recording studios, educational institutions and individual sound engineers and recording enthusiasts. Products range from large treated wooden panels to foam disks - Combo Feet - that can be placed under recording equipment to dampen vibration and minimise sound distortion. Flexi Screen Lite is, as the name suggests, an inexpensive, lightweight version of the popular Flexi Screen model and has been designed for use in acoustically untreated room.

Livescribe Pulse penDon’t bin your pens yet but that day may be coming sooner than you think for those of us who rely on written notes - people like journalists or students for example. “I want one,” was the chorus around a meeting this week at which consultant Tom Weaver gave an impromptu demonstration of his new Livescribe Pulse pen and the paper pad that came with it (pictured, and below).

Bill Hicks reviews MacSpeech Dictate speech recognition software
MacSpeech DictateThis review was written from the comfort of a sofa, with a glass of red wine in one hand and a fat cigar in the other.

OK, the cigar’s a lie, but the rest is true. It was written without anyone’s fingers touching a keyboard, and with hardly a glance at the laptop screen, using MacSpeech Dictate, new software which brings the dream of reliable and accurate hands-free composition several steps closer for Mac users.