Why have one headset for music and another for voice? Some quality headphones swing both ways
Klipsch Image OnesMy first encounter with the Klipsch audio brand was an iGroove speaker dock for iPods bought through Amazon. High-quality sound with unflinching treble and bass was delivered from a relatively compact unit at a competitive price. A happy compromise.

So winning a pair of high-end Klipsch headphones, the Image Ones (recommended price £129, but currently available from Amazon at £54.99), in the raffle at a Digital Seasons event where technology journalists meet selected vendors and their products was more than welcome.

What are the prospects for a 'sensible' laptop in a school? Dell is about to find out with its Latitude 3330
Dell's budget Latitude 3330First impressions of this Dell Latitude 3330 laptop were based on a slip in an email – that the machine offered for review would be a Windows tablet. So there was immediate disappointment with the weight and Windows 7 – why not Windows 8?.

It might seem unfair to mention that – it was a mistake after all – but it does echo current expectations of many mobile technology users. They want to lighten their burden - if not a tablet then netbook, ultrabook or Chromebook - and use the latest operating system.

Photos by iPhones and iPods are already good, but the Olloclip 3-in-one lens improves, writes Hugh John 

OlloclipThe iPhone 5 and 4S, and iPod Touch feature cameras with resolution of up to 8 megapixels. They may not be up there with the latest specifications for smartphone cameras – Samsung’s Galaxy S4, for example, flaunts 13 megapixels – but, nonetheless, they take stunning pictures.

Now, for a relatively small outlay, it’s possible to add macro, wide-angle and fish-eye lens capability to these devices and widen the photo opportunities. Interested?

Want something more substantial than a prop-up stand for your iPad? Look no further, writes Hugh John

iPad stands come in a variety of formats, by far the most popular being those based on Apple's own design – a concertina-style front flap that can be flipped over and configured, Origami-fashion, as a back support. The iPad is therefore effectively propped up in some sort of V shape.

Nothing wrong with that but the Mophie Powerstand is a whole lot better. Trouble is, there's a price...

Compatibility, consistency and familiarity win Chris Drage over to the Surface RT and Windows 8

Surface RTSo what is the Surface RT? And what is the Surface RT Pro? And how do they relate to Windows 8? We had hoped to bring you a review of both Microsoft’s new tablets: the Surface Pro and the Surface RT.  But the demand for review models at BETT 2013 meant that only the Surface RT has been available. 

There has been considerable misunderstanding about the precise nature of these hardware offerings and Windows 8 generally. Hopefully we can begin to clarify the situation.