Chris Drage talked to the Dragon, and the Dragon talked back – NaturallySpeaking of course

Dragon NaturallySpeakingHaving a son who’s suffered with dyslexia all his life (unrecognised even by his primary school) and watching him struggle when writing, I fully appreciate the assistance that speech-recognition software provides.

Over the past ten years the accuracy of speech recognition software has improved immensely, offering both accurate spelling and audio feedback which helps students get their thoughts down quickly, clearly and correctly in professional documents. And Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 makes this even easier.

Chris Drage finally comes across a memory stick that is reassuringly safe – the DataTraveller Locker+ G2

We have seen countless examples of sensitive data going AWOL either due to a misplaced laptop or a forgotten or lost memory stick. Keeping data secure is a headache for most teachers and the penalties are severe.

Teachers have been vulnerable because they are probably among the heaviest users of USB memory sticks. But they should be vulnerable no longer thanks to devices like Kingston’s DataTraveller Locker+ G2.

Audio Notetaker

Sal McKeown's first clicks with 'Audio Notetaker 3' reveal 'a great product, soon to be even better'
The claim is bold: Sonocent's software solves the four problems of audio:

  • Finding the important parts of a recording;
  • Annotating your audio for future reference or to share thoughts;
  • Concentrating on listening;
  • Organising your audio files.

The market is awash with active loudspeakers, which means there are bargains to be had. Hugh John reports 
Spinnaker“Edifier. Big in China”. Is it just me, or does this marteting phrase sound like some sort of eighties heavy metal band (only in those days it was Japan)? Edifier in fact, is a Chinese manufacturer of audio equipment that is big – well, massive – in China though relatively unknown in the UK. It is also developing a reptation for its ethical production and employment conditions.

If the products the company was demonstrating at the Digital Winter technology preview event were any indication, its UK profile could be about to change.

It's not on digital pads and wasn't at BETT, but science teachers will love the new 'Insight' – Roger Frost 
Insight iLOG VideoLabHow many of the software programs commonly used on computers in the 1990s are still being used on them today? One favourite, called Datalogging Insight, lives on and a new version for 2013 has just arrived.

Insight is a family of primary and secondary school software that grew out of the University of Leicester in 1992. The family includes tools that record readings from sensors, let you model the heat lost from a house, or coax a control box into actuating motors and lamps.