In a tech world cursed by proprietary connectors, iLuv brings added value. Hugh John reports
Established in 2006, iLuv has rapidly become a major accessory provider for Apple mobile devices. At the launch of its new product range earlier this summer the company also unveiled an additional range of Samsung-friendly products.

Cases, cables, protective film, headphones, wall chargers, car chargers, ‘juice’ packs, docking stations, it’s a comprehensive list to embrace most mobile users’ needs and those of the education community too.

Power loss is the biggest bugbear for users of digital devices – but not when you have a mophie
Mophie juice pack powerstation PROSmart they might increasingly be, but the current crop of smartphones isn't feted for staying power. The most you are likely to get on one battery is one day, if that. And some phone makers won’t even allow you to a spare battery.

That's why, for those who need to be connected 24/7, a recharge device like the mophie juice pack powerstation PRO (pictured) can be a lifesaver.

Google's Chromebooks hold advantages for schools, but are they getting the message?
Schools wanting to purchase class sets of Google’s low-cost Chromebook laptops have just one day to register and qualify for a free charger trolley worth £1,700. The offer runs out at the start of September.

Chromebooks, which operate on wireless networks, have the potential to make huge savings on schools’ ICT bills. Thirty Samsung Series 5 Chromebooks plus a charging trolley and the Chrome Management Console cost a school £7,980 (£266 each).

Elgato keeps up the innovation with plug-in TV for iPads. Hugh John reports
Elgato Thunderbolt SSD driveGiven Elgato’s longstanding affinity with Apple you wouldn’t have bet against them being one of the first companies to produce hard drives using Thunderbolt connectors (Apple’s new superfast standard for file transfer rates).

At the Digital Summer PR event (see "Digital Summer hot for latest gizmos") there was considerable interest in the new Elgato Thunderbolt SSD external hard drives featuring Thunderbolt.

You can do anything with Photoshop? Not quite. Hugh John checks out 'Exposure' 

ExposureDoes any company produce Photoshop filters as well as Alien Skin Software? The US company has produced Photoshop plug-ins for almost 20 years and now boasts a range of products that includes enlargement (Blow Up), retouching (Image Doctor), focusing (Bokeh), painterly effects (Snap Art) and photographic effects (Exposure).

Even in this exalted company, however, Exposure still commands attention. It’s both a powerful, easily applied filter and an excellent learning tool for any student wishing to discover and learn more about analogue photographic effects. You know, that old-school stuff’ where enthusiasts locked themselves in a dark room with a red light and paddled about in trays of whiffy chemicals for hours on end.