The RingO Universal Tablet Mount exalts Hugh John's iPad2 to new vantage points
RingO car mountRingO: 'perfect angle for backseat viewers'The RingO, is a modular mounting system, designed by Dutch company Vogel's, which extends the functionality of tablet devices – Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy etc. It allows them to be used safely and with confidence in virtually any situation – on a wall, in a car or upright on a table.

Essentially, RingO comprises a sturdy plastic shell, which clips securely on to the back of the tablet, and a selection of mounts. The shell has cut-outs that marry up to the different requirements of whatever particular device is being used (for example, the second camera in an iPad) and a larger central hole, 4cm in diameter, which accepts the various RingO attachments.

27-inch Philips 273P3L LED monitor27-inch Philips 273P3L LED monitorEco-conscious schools that would also like to save on their power bills will be interested in the new, high-quality 27-inch Philips 273P3L Professional LED monitors that switch off when they sense that a user is away from their design workstation.

These monitors combine PowerSensor technology that are said to be capable of cutting power costs by up to 80 per cent while providing high-quality graphics and ergonomics and mercury-free components for eco-friendly recycling and disposal.

Chris Drage steps out with the TTS Easi-Walker Children's Pedometer
Easi-WalkerAn Easi-Walker for every occasionI'm always interested in digital devices that can help bring together a number of curriculum areas with specific relevance to each. The Easi-Walker Children's Pedometer allows for just such cross-curricular integration with ICT, maths, science and PE.

It's an innovative set of six pedometers and a docking station, from TTS, designed for education. Each pedometer allows children to record their step count throughout the day.

Chris Drage is impressed by the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of the Talk-Tracker
Talk Tracker in actionAssessment gets much easier with the Talk-TrackerThe Talk-Tracker, from TTS, is an assessment tool designed to record and share pupils' conversations and discussions.

The small, portable device is designed primarily as a teacher’s tool that can also easily be used by learning support staff and teaching assistants. It allows children to carry out work independently, and without disruption, while being assessed discreetly on their speaking and listening skills.

Want to simplify projector use and save energy and bulbs? Dominic Norrish thinks Viseco may be the answer
Viseco gesture control for projectorsViseco can fit into dado railSchool leaders managing an ever-growing estate of classroom data projectors have two main concerns: reducing energy and bulb costs; keeping track of remote controls.

A new solution attracting attention is the new Viseco management system, compatible with all projectors, which allows teachers to use gesture-control to dispense with remotes and control them by gesture, and to shut them down automatically to save power and bulbs.