Chris Drage wonders whether SMART's 800 Series can catch Promethean's multi-user, collaborative whiteboards

Steljes' Matt Pearson showing SMART's maths toolsSteljes' Matt Pearson shows SMART's maths toolsIt had to happen. Whiteboard technology has moved once and for all into the gesture-driven realms of tablet devices and mobile phones. The multi-touch interfaces that so many youngsters are now familiar with have spurred Promethean, and now SMART Technologies to capitalise on their benefits.

Thanks to Windows 7 and Apple’s OSX, what has become second nature to smartphone and tablet users is now fully available to teachers and students using interactive whiteboards in the classroom.

John Galloway is impressed by the extra versatility that the Sweezz brings to whiteboard use
SweezzIt's not 'all eyes front' with the SweezzWhiteboards should stir up a bit of excitement sometimes, injecting a bit of pizzazz into a lesson with a video clip, animation or game. Something to get the students listening and looking more keenly as the learning becomes more engaging. Seldom does the way it is attached to the wall raise any interest at all.

The versatile Sweezz mounts for interactive whiteboards and projectors should change that with 'off the wall' design

Hugh John asks why lock down your laptop with encryption software when you can keep data safe on a dongle

Kingston Data TravelerKingston Data TravelerRules on transportation of confidential data are pretty severe these days, even for schools. But a number of simple solutions are available.

I tried the Kingston DataTraveler Locker+ USB drive which is available in a variety of sizes from 4GB to 32GB and is compatible with PC and Mac. They offer considerably more security than a regular USB flash drive – we're talking about a 100 per cent secure partition and hardware based encryption – and they come with a five-year warranty.

Chris Drage finds a tablet device that has been tweaked to cope with the demands of schools, the LearnPad

Avantis LearnPad LP10Avantis LearnPad LP10: fit for school wireless and FlashiPads, Samsung Galaxy Tabs and Windows-based tablets have their limitations and compromises. However, the newly launched Avantis LearnPad LP10, with its attractive £295 price tag, seems to have overcome most of them – and very neatly.

The LearnPad is an interactive tablet computer designed specifically for use in schools. It’s small enough to be portable yet large enough to be used as a standalone device with dedicated eLearning content, or it can connect to your school’s network to access traditional online and Flash-based educational websites and online content.

Chris Drage is impressed by a new wireless way to link your PC to a screen

VeebeamVeabeam, a handy alternative to the data projectorThe ubiquitous data projector and interactive whiteboard or large screen have become the dominant means of sharing video and other resources on PCs and digital devices with students and other audiences. Wouldn’t it be great if a teacher could walk into a lesson with a laptop, switch on a large LCD TV or monitor and share that same conent but with no physical connections required?

Well now you can. Veebeam allows you to do just that – and more.