The fluffy-toy camel sailed through the air to the podium in front of the speaker. Time up. With a good-natured smile she walked off the stage to hearty applause. Welcome to TeacherMeet BETT 2009.

If continuing professional development was designed as a nightclub act it would probably look something like TeachMeet. Created by Ewan Macintosh and collaborators at the Scottish Learning Festival, this by-teachers-for-teachers show-and-tell event came of age with a packed-out celebration of learning.

iSchool screenSLiSchool can model BSF designsThe virtual world of Second Life has come to Middlesbrough BSF projects thanks to developers at the local City Learning Centre. Mindful of the 'visioning' needs - as well as the potential for expensive mistakes - of those involved in the multi-billion pound Building Schools for the Future programme, they’ve been creating virtual schools in the online 3D world to show teachers, pupils and governors what their design ideas could look and feel like.

Moofu screenMOOFU, which stands for More for You is a very young company that exhibited at BETT for the first time this year, writes Sally McKeown. The Plymouth based company started life just over a year ago offering bespoke media resources to schools - web applications, film production and multimedia - but quickly moved on to create tools for teachers and pupils to use to learn the skills needed to produce their own multimedia learning materials.

Stephen CrowneBecta's Stephen Crowne: 'clear evidence'Government ICT agency Becta has announced the approved suppliers for the pilot phase of the scheme – the Home Access programme - to give every child in England access to a computer and the internet at home. Becta has also announced a new foundation, set up with initial sponsorship from Microsoft, to provide support and training for parents and teachers to help children in the scheme.

The suppliers for the pilot schemes – in Oldham and Suffolk – which start in February are Centerprise International Ltd, Positive IT Solutions, RM Education plc, Stone Computers Ltd and XMA Ltd. They are authorized to supply Next Generation Learning @ Home packages: computer, internet access, software and support services. Eligible families in Oldham and Suffolk can buy all or some elements of these packages with financial help provided through a local authority-run Home Access Grant scheme.

Stephen Heppell Awardl-r John Bishop, Stephen Heppell, Dominic SavageProfessor Stephen Heppell was given a standing ovation when he took to the stage to pick up his Outstanding Achievement award at the annual glittering BETT awards dinner held in London’s Park Lane.

Presenting him with his award, Dominic Savage, director general of the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA), paid tribute to Professor Heppell's enormous contribution to learning and ICT, helping to shape current government policy through his involvement in the Stevenson Report. (Our picture shows, from left to right, comedian John Bishop, Stephen Heppell and Dominic Savage.)