Steve ParrySteve Parry interviewed by R2SOlympic bronze swimmer Steve Parry's impression of Queen Elizabeth II's own impression of swimming the butterfly was an hilarious highlight of the BETT 2009 launch of Supporter2Reporter.

The perfect host, Steve Parry was joined by other Olympic athletes to lead learner activities at this innovative celebration of the achievements of this ambitious pilot project, staged at the FA offices in Soho, London. And the real stars of course were the students and their work.

The S2R pilot has already supported 140 students to create and broadcast multimedia coverage of sports events to broadcast on the internet with the Radiowaves online service. All kinds of athletes have been interviewed - from Rio Ferdinand to racing dogs! S2R will now be rolled out to more schools.

When teachers connect a visualiser to a projector they can share virtually any document or artefact with their learners - even across a video-conference, explains Dave Smith

Four years ago, while working as an ICT consultant at Engayne Primary School in Havering, I visited a Barking and Dagenham ICT test bed (enrichment) school with Engayne's headteacher, Suzanne Ship, to look at visualisers in action. The transformation in teaching and learning we witnessed resulted in a decision to install visualisers in every classroom at Engayne.

In the same way as most music sequencing software is for people who can already play music, most word processors are for those who can already read and write.

And while UK education has already produced a generation of worthy word processors, Write Online (£500 for a primary school first-year subscription), from Crick Software, has emerged as a world class word processor for learning. As the title suggests, you can use it online, like Google Docs, or even offline too. And the range of tools, for those learning to write for example, or who have difficulty with writing - like word prediction, Wordbar and speech - are simply unrivalled.

Henry WarrenHenry Warren

by Maureen McTaggart

Visitors to BETT 2009 in Olympia, London, this week will get a daily opportunity for a world tour of learning with the video-conferencing sessions being run by not-for-profit Web 2.0 service (Stand F70).

With more than 900 school members in 94 countries collaborating on cross-curricular projects, has become a spine of secure communication in the global online learning world. Run by UK-based educational charity, which has more than 10 years of experience developing ICT tools for schools around the world, Rafi-ki offers a range of communication and collaboration tools including email, chat rooms and forums, as well as audio and video-conferencing.

ICT has made a massive difference to the teaching of maths. Simple spreadsheets have presented teachers and learners with excellent tools with which to explore and develop number relationships and graphing. Primary maths has been covered well by a range of companies like Black Cat and 2Simple (2calculate), but projected images and whiteboard technology have brought instant recognition of the power of the visual element of the subject.