US social media expert Howard Rheingold kicks off "Rethinking how we learn" from Norway next week

Photo of summer bliss on the Heath

So, if roughly a quarter of UK young people are unemployed, and in the same boat as a quarter of young graduates, there’s not much point to education? That was the myth that was laid to rest by the OECD’s learning expert Andreas Schleicher at the 12th Education Fast Forward debate (EFF12) which kicked off BETT Week in January.

On May 7, UK election day (12.15pm BST), he will close “Rethinking how we learn” (EFF13), broadcasting globally from Norway, which features ground-breaking US educator, writer and social media expert Howard Rheingold.

Tony Parkin welcomes back 3Dami's free workshops, with organiser Peter Kemp

Animating with '3Dami' Creating animated films with '3Dami' at a free, week-long workshopThe first sight that greeted me when I visited the 2014 3Dami summer workshop at UCL (University College London) was a mound of pizza boxes, and a lively group of teenagers wolfing pepperoni and avoiding olives. Lots of laughter and teasing and the usual horseplay. So clearly the workshop had an emphasis on fun and enjoyment alongside the serious challenge of creating digital animations.

But as Peter Kemp and Tom Haines, the event organisers, assured me, this was a reward for the hard work the participants had already put in. And as they settled back into their work groups I was able to see just how much they had achieved in a relatively short period.

TLM chief assessor Ian Lynch

New baseline tests indicate task ahead for computing teachers
TLM chief assessor Ian LynchIan LynchTLM chief assessor Ian Lynch What do pupils know about the “computing” before they start the new curriculum? Well, two thirds of Year 7 children, and about half of those in Year 10, don’t know what an integer is (it's a whole number, ie without a decimal point). This will be a surprise to many because it should have already been taught in maths.

It's just one of the insights from the new key stage 3 baseline testing being conducted by Naace and TLM and being shared at the Naace Conference in Nottingham (March 25-26).

The Ufi Charitable Trust announces new funding to stimulate innovative services for adult learners
Do you have innovative ideas about how to use digital technologies for vocational learning? A working prototype awaiting backing? The UFI Vocational Learning Tech Challenge fund is now open for applications and educational developers are already responding.

The fund’s focus is on helping adults acquire the skills that are crucial for a swiftly changing jobs market, and that employers say are still lacking.

Despite a promising start, much more needs to be done to boot digital making for young people
cover nesta reportcoverydmnestaFor every child learning to make things with digital technology, more than 60 are left behind, according to a new report, Young Digital Makers, from innovation charity Nesta.

The report, authored by educator Oliver Quinlan, says that 8 million children are eager for opportunities for digital making, but only 130,000 opportunities were available outside classrooms. And warns that the UK is “neglecting its digital needs and the skills the economy will need in the future”.