Jimmy Wales and Wikipedia elevated humanity above the glitz of BETT, writes Sal McKeown
Jimmy WalesJimmy Wales: 'all knowledge to every single person'BETT has more than its share of self-congratulation. There are the 'exemplar schools' spreading the gospel, companies touting their wares and corporate bodies hiking their profits and reaching out to new markets.

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales talked about offering free access to the sum of all human knowledge to every single person on the planet. That is a gob-smacking concept and made everything else at BETT 2015 seem just a little bit tarnished.

"Primary schools with Naace ICT Mark three times more likely to be judged ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted!" was the heading for the press release issued by Naace, the organisation of ICT professionals, at the BETT 2015 event in London. And it's true.

A survey uncovered that impressive correlation between the NaaceMark and Ofsted success. Although no one is saying that the Ofsted recognition was the result of those schools gaining their Naace ICT Mark, it doesn't take a leap of imagination to understand that schools that take their ICT for learning seriously will also be purposeful and determined in other areas.

EFF at the Education World Forum debates a crucial strategic topic – learning to grow economies
Andreas SchleicherAndreas Schleicher: EFF speakerPoliticians love to talk about reviving economies through education, but is anyone doing it? And if so, how?

Change pressure group Education Fast Forward (EFF) kickstarts Bett Week 2015 by bringing in experts who can answer many of those questions – including Andreas Schleicher (pictured left) and Stefan Dercon – to lead its globally accessible "Turning School Performance to Economic Success" debate at London's Education World Forum.

Design and technology teacher Jonathan Boyle reflects on the BETT 2015 journey
3D Printing3D printing at BETT: amazing bronze effect from UltimakerWe have journeyed together. This was as global as it gets and long may it continue. As like minded souls, we converged on utopia for a day or two and Bett 2015 tasted as good as it looked.

Those new to Bett succumbed quickly to chaos theory and ‘pinged’ from stall to stall wondering if they might ever get out. It takes years to understand the lie of the land. But ExCeL, in London's Docklands, is a massive, appropriate and modern venue.

Tony Parkin appreciates Barnet schools' practical and creative approach to computing

With the emphasis on creating and making in the new computing curriculum, many schools are seeking more creative ways to adapt their teaching. Rather than settling for merely using tablet technology, there is a huge growth in interest in having pupils design apps, and even build their own or have their designs produced professionally.  

Pupils from Tudor Primary School in Finchley recently took part in a special event to celebrate the official launch of their prize-winning app, Barnet Run, alongside pupils from other Barnet schools. It was held at Manorside Primary School.