by Jack Kenny

TAG awardsTAG Learning has always been at the forefront of good ideas. Its decision to run the National Schools Film and Animation Awards is one of its best and a real service to learning. Government ICT agency Becta ran similar awards a few years back but they were abandoned without any convincing explanation. Since then ICT has moved relentlessly onwards towards visual communication. Not that the current curriculum recognises that: the new English GCSE specs turn their backs on video and requiring students to understand one of the most powerful communication tools ever available to them. TAG ran a series of regional competitions during 2008 and then a national judging session chaired by Floella Benjamin (pictured). The finalists all met at the National Film Theatre on London's South Bank this week (November 25) for an enjoyable afternoon of videos and entertainment. One young man, presented with an award, summed it up as he looked around the prestigious cinema: "Just think a small primary school from near Huddersfield being here."

The videos were varied. The event opened with a long, black-and-white silent film from Pontsian Community Primary School, Ceredigion, that was so accomplished that the judges wanted it shown even though it broke all the rules on length.

Hopefully TAG will run the event next year (winners and contact below).


KS1 Film
Caterpillar: Scisset First School, Kirklees

KS1 Animation
Mr Bladd, YDolffinacY Slac: Pennar Community School, Pembrokeshire

KS2 Film
Animal Watch: Newsome Junior School, Kirklees

KS2 Animation
Don't Look Now: Templeton Community School, Pembrokeshire

KS3 Film and Animation
News 24/7: Dinnington Comprehensive School, Rotherham

KS4 Film and Animation
Big Bob and Little Bob: Sam Gately Rawmarsh CLC, Rotherham

TAG awards