Tim PearsonTim Pearson: retiring from RMOne of the most self-effacing, focused and effective chief executive officers in educational ICT is stepping down. Tim Pearson, aged 48, will retire in September after six years in the hot seat at RM. He has been with the company for 27 years, He will be replaced by RM's current managing director for education resources and software Terry Sweeney (pictured below).

Although RM is a highly successful company and is the leading supplier of ICT products and services to UK schools, Tim Pearson's tenure was not without its challenges. He was decisive and diplomatic in the face of the threat posed by the BBC Jam online digital service and responded to the serious Easymail service disruption in 2007 with an immediate apology and commitment to compensation and a more secure service, His introduction of the sub-£200 RM Asus miniBook last year is still making waves in education, and it is understood that he had a personal hand in the development of RM's ecoquiet PCs which now use less power than a light bulb.

"The past six years at RM have been demanding and very rewarding," says Tim Pearson. "However, for a while I’ve wanted to make some changes in my life, including moving to northern Scotland with my family. With the Group in good shape, now is the right time to make the break. Having worked for RM for such a long time, I intend to take some time out before looking for new challenges.

‘I feel privileged to have worked here – it’s a great company, with great people, and I’m pleased that one of those people will be taking over from me. Terry has already made a significant contribution to RM – and I know that he will bring new energy and enthusiasm to take the Group forward.

"I’m proud to be handing over at a time when RM has both record committed revenues and record customer satisfaction levels. Our excellent win rate in BSF [Building Schools for the Future] projects, along with the development of a more broadly-based education business, provide a great platform for the future."

RM chairman John Leighfield commented: ‘In his six years as CEO, Tim has both provided clear strategic direction and built an educational ICT project delivery capability that is unrivalled. Under his leadership, RM has been transformed into a group of education companies with four clear focus areas, and is firmly established as the leading supplier of technology to the Government’s BSF programme.

"All of our stakeholders – shareholders, customers and staff – have benefited from his strong leadership and unwavering commitment to high standards... I am confident that Terry, whose entrepreneurial flair has been a major factor in RM’s very significant success in education resources, is the right choice as the next leader for RM."

Terry SweeneyTerry SweeneyTerry Sweeney, aged 40, joined RM in 1998. As hardware solutions director, his achievements included introducing the innovative RM One PC. He has also been involved in acquisitions - of TTS for example - and international expansion. He has a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from City University, London, and an MBA from Oxford Brookes University. He attended the Harvard Business School 's advanced management programme in 2007.

Former positions include global procurement manager at British Aerospace. Terry is married and lives with his wife and three children in Oxfordshire.


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