Could you imagine a secondary school running all its email, shared documents and a virtual learning environment (VLE) holding a substantial part of its curriculum online - for school and home use - for a monthly cost of just £6 for the web space? That's exactly what's happening at Cottenham Village College near Cambridge, where Google and Moodle have helped propel learners, teachers and parents towards 21st century learning.

Cottenham emerged as an innovator when it was revealed as one of the first schools confident enough to take up free Google Apps facilities for all email and shared documents. This has been a hugely popular success. Now it turns out that only 25 per cent of the enquiries Cottenham gets from other schools are about Google. The other 75 per cent (its website gets 500,000 hits a month) are all about its adoption of Moodle. Cottenham's entire ICT curriculum is now online with Moodle, and results are up - and other departments are voting with their feet.

Why only 25 per cent of enquiries about Google (apparently the Guardian newspaper is moving to Google Apps)? Staff think it's because other schools already have email services (usually paid for by their LAs) and they don't understand the savings - it's at least £40,000 at Cottenham - but many of them don't yet have a VLE.

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You can read the full story on the Futurelab website at:
Cottenham Village College website (the public face of its Moodle installation)