Milford School's FemisapiensMilford School's FemisapiensMilford School pupils in Nottingham took their inspiration from TV shows to design costumes for their Femisapiens robots and program them to do ballroom dancing. They were using new Go-Robo software that will be featured at BETT 2009 by Q4 Technologies (see video below). Facilities were supplied by eLC South Nottingham.

Q4’s Go-Robo software has saved many an award winning Wowwee FemiSapien and RoboSapien robot from a life of disuse, alone in toy cupboards. It gives them happy new lives in classrooms and ICT clubs where young learners can use them to learn about robotics. They get total control of the infra-red commands used to control the robots. These can be uploaded into their memories. Students can save and edit work as they go along, allowing time to build up a performance to stun the robo-judges.

Designed to get kids excited about computer programming from an early age, the Go-Robo software makes it much easier to control the award winning WowWee range of robots. By giving pupils control of the infra-red commands of each robot, commands can be streamed directly or downloaded as programs into their memories. Students can save and edit their work as they go along, allowing time to create a performance worthy of a 10 from the judges.

Go-Robo Choreographer and Go-Robo Dawg Trainer are software programs designed specifically for young children. Their routines/programs can be uploaded from the computer into a robot's  memory for later playback, using the Roboremote (control).

Up to 11 different Wowwee robots can be controlled by the Go-Robo Studio software. It allows editing and playback of 'GRIDscript" programs, along with a soundtrack. Students can see the program running as a timeline on the computer. And they can place sound effects and music on the timeline. The software then uploads the programming script to a Roboremote. Studio gives far more advanced control of robots compared to the junior programs above.

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