Fiona Aubrey-SmithUniServity's Fiona Aubrey-SmithIf a consensus is emerging from the introduction of learning platforms into UK schools it’s this: the technology will not bring about transformation unless it is wedded to a clear vision for learning. And Fiona Aubrey-Smith, a leading UK advocate of learning platforms, urges teachers to make learners  decision-makers on the personalisation of learning if they want to see transformation of school culture and home learning.

Her views are radical yet simple and direct, and are at the heart of engaging learning. And she will be giving presentations on global learning, social learning and assessment for learning on the UniServity stand at the BETT 2009 educational technology show at Olympia, London, this week.

Fiona Aubrey-Smith was part of the team at Ranvilles Infant School, Fareham, Hampshire, which won Becta’s ICT Excellence Award for Extending Learning Opportunities in 2007. Her experiences were the material for her MA and she now works with schools and local authorities on developing their visions for learning with one of the UK’s leading learning platform companies, UniServity.

Ranvilles transformed its curriculum by asking its learners what they wanted to learn, and how, and then mapping their responses to the curriculum. Fiona Aubrey-Smith says the general principle is valid throughout lifelong learning: “So often - and it infuriates me - people assume that children of this age are not able to address these sorts of things, but actually they get it spot on because they are not worried about the social parameters around which we are ‘supposed to’ answer questions and they, instead, answer the questions we are focused on.”



BETT 2009

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