"Primary schools with Naace ICT Mark three times more likely to be judged ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted!" was the heading for the press release issued by Naace, the organisation of ICT professionals, at the BETT 2015 event in London. And it's true.

A survey uncovered that impressive correlation between the NaaceMark and Ofsted success. Although no one is saying that the Ofsted recognition was the result of those schools gaining their Naace ICT Mark, it doesn't take a leap of imagination to understand that schools that take their ICT for learning seriously will also be purposeful and determined in other areas.

The Naace research has found that 92 per cent of primary schools and 88 per cent of secondary schools with the ICT Mark (the successful outcome of them undergoing the organisation's respected self-review programme) have been judged "Good" or "Outstanding" by Ofsted. This compares with 81 per cent of all primaries and 70 per cent of all secondary schools, as discovered by Naace after studying official Ofsted reports.

Mark ChambersNaace CEO Mark ChambersMark Chambers, CEO at Naace, said, "I am delighted to see that schools engaging with the Naace Self-review Framework and committing to the achievement of the ICT Mark as part of their school improvement agenda are significantly more likely to achieve an outstanding assessment from Ofsted."

Carol Porter, manager of the Technology Curriculum Support Centre in Bury, added, "The Self-review Framework, which leads to the Naace ICT Mark accreditation, is now shown to be a robust school improvement tool and should be an essential part of each school's toolkit. The results of this survey demonstrate that."

Joe Basketts, education director at professional development company Fantastict, commented, "As a holder of the Naace Mark Service Provider Quality Assurance award, Fantastict is happy to have confirmed the importance to their school partners engaging with the SRF/ICT Mark. We remain committed to including access to the SRF as an integral part of the A-Three Consultancy Service offering to schools."


Naace is a community of schools, teachers, those who work in schools and the education technology industry. The Naace ICT Mark is an award designed to help develop the use of technology within your school to support the good use of technology. Once a school has been successfully assessed, a school will gain the Naace ICT Mark accreditation but it can only be offered to those schools that have already completed the Self-review Framework (SRF) structure with their organisation.  The SRF is an online tool that provides a structure for reviewing a school’s use of technology and its impact on school improvement.   It is available to all maintained and independent schools and academies both in the UK and internationally.

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