Award-winning authors want schools to make maximum impact, writes Sue Murray

Education journalists John Galloway, Merlin John and Maureen picteachsecawardUMerlin John (left), Helen Mulley ('Teach Secondary') and John Galloway McTaggart were presented with the Teach Secondary, Technology and Innovation Award at BETT 2016 for their recent publication, Learning with Mobile and Handheld Technologies.

The book, which won in the ‘Best Book’ category, was commended for the support it offers teachers through the best practice use of mobile technologies, and the award was made at an informal but intimate event on the Teach Secondary stand.

Recent research published by the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) highlighted the demand by schools for guidance in the implementation of mobile technologies. Despite mobile tablet technology being used in nearly three-quarters of UK schools, 48 per cent of them state that training and support is a significant barrier to adoption (BESA, Tablets and Connectivity, June 2015).

Published by Routledge, Learning with Mobile and Handheld Technologies helps schools to use mobile technologies to achieve the greatest impact on learning. Summarising their selection, the judges said: “We appreciate that this book was written for no reason other than that the authors saw a need for it, and were determined to meet it effectively; which they have done. It is a real pleasure to be able to recognise a book that has had such a genuine impact on teaching and learning in real classrooms, across the country.”

Teachers and learners are the real stars

picmaureenmctaggartMaureen McTaggart (left), who was unable to attend the presentation, said what she didn't expect was how "inspiring every single visit to each of the schools used as a case study would be. It was a privilege to talk to and observe teachers and learners demonstrating how they are using a wide range of ICT alongside traditional tools to advance teaching and learning.”

"When we first decided to write the book we agreed it would be written as reportage, as a series of feature articles, rather than an academic review of the subject," said John Galloway, a writer, adviser and consultant who specialises in ICT for SEN and inclusion. "We wanted it to be accessible and of interest to all readers, and useful to those who are looking at using highly portable technologies in education. We think we achieved that, and greatly appreciate the recognition Teach Secondary has given us."

Merlin John concluded, “It’s always lovely to get recognition from your peers, but it’s also worth pointing out that the real stars here are the teachers and learners and the school leaders who are pushing practice forward. As a result, the learning becomes more engaging and effective and everyone benefits. It was exciting and heartwarming to get so close to that.”

Learning with Mobile and Handheld Technologies is available from Amazon and Routledge.

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