Open Source Schools screenOpen source software has big implications for UK education but its non-commercial nature puts it at a disadvantage in the schools "market". The OS virtual learning environment Moodle, for example, is not the subject of a government pilot or study, even though it is popular and motivational among teachers and learners. And until the invasion of "netbooks', with the Asus EeePC (RM Asus miniBook) in the frontline, most teachers and learners had not seen an OS desktop (now the most popular choice of Asus EeePC).

So it's important that Leon Cych and BBC Backstage's Hannah Wise filmed the OS seminars at the BETT 2009 technology show at Olympia, London, on January 19. Now you can view online video presentations by Becta award-winner Miles Berry (introduction and Moodle), Michelle Walters (Open Office and the Open Source Schools website), Jose PIcardo (working with audio and Audacity) and Doug Belshaw (netbooks and Linux).

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Miles Berry

Jose Picardo

Doug Belshaw

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