NCSLNCSL's Nottingham baseMoodle, open source netbooks, design software, teaching, management information systems, and “whatever you would like to talk about” are on the agenda for the first “unconference” of Open Source Schools (the Becta-backed web service) which will be held at the National College for School Leadership’s lakeside base next to Nottingham University’s campus on July 20.

Unconference? Like the popular TeachMeets, these are gatherings driven by the participants rather than the organisers, focused on shared interests and free of unnecessary formalities.

Confirmed speakers so far include head of learning innovation with BBC Learning, George Auckland, who was involved with "the original open source education computer", the BBC Micro, and the BBC Open Lab, and Graham Attwell, director of Pontydysgu (Bridge to Learning) who works with e-portfolios and personal learning environments and the use of social software for learning.

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