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By Sally McKeown
Familiarity is very comforting when you are in hospital, especially if you are a young child in hospital for a long stay. With this in mind, Education City, suppliers of teaching, learning and assessment materials to over 12000 schools, have made their resources freely available to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

"Staff from Great Ormond Street saw Education City at an exhibition last year," said Education City marketing manager Kathryn Marchant. "They wanted a trial to see if it would be suitable for children who were in the hospital . As it is such a good cause, we let them use the resources free of charge."

Many of the children have used Education City at school so the characters of Stig, Manu and Sten are well know to them. Even better, staff fr om the hospital school can liaise with the the home school and set work so there is some continuity and pupils do not fall too far behind.

"The great thing," said Kathryn, "is that the resources are pretty intuitive and it is easy to provide differentiated learning. This is particularly useful when a primary maths group might include a 6-year-old and a 10-year-old."

Shortly before Christmas, the hospital ran a special Education City numeracy workshop covering topics such as measurement and days of the week. "The children can't wait to get on it at the earliest opportunity," said hospital teacher Carol Raeburn. "They are clearly engaged and motivated by the tasks and it keeps them on target."

Education City

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