Ewan McIntoshEwan McIntosh: NoToshSocial media consultant and educator Ewan McIntosh will explore "An Adoption Strategy for Digital Media in Schools" on March 24 (4pm) in an international Office Hours online session, the first in a GETinsights series on the GETideas.org public-service website created for school transformation by Cisco.

"If I see another conference entitled '21st Century Learning', I might weep." he writes in a post at GETideas. "We are, after all, one decade into this promising 21st century, yet, despite fantastic efforts from many, the education world must admit that it still struggles to match the pace and appeal of digital media outside the classroom. But school leaders play the pivotal role in changing that situation."

He continues, "What does digital and social media achieve in the “real world? It helps people share – nights out, football scores, but also learning, research, and insight into the world around us. In addition, it makes serendipity the order of the day by helping us find or bump into interesting people and insights through our laptop or cell phone."

GETideas.org was set up by US network company Cisco to support transformation of learning. It aims to help by creating a global community of school leaders committed to change. Ewan McIntosh, a former teacher, Learning and Teaching Scotland adviser and consultant with Channel 4iP, now runs his own social media consultancy, NoTosh Ltd.

In his GETideas session he will be discussing "practical ideas for using digital media and collaborative approaches with students, teachers, and administrators", say the organisers. "This is a great opportunity for you to get your questions answered and discuss practical ideas with Ewan on how to transform your own school system."

"As school systems create their vision of education transformation, they need practical steps to foster a 21st century environment. Our new series, GETinsights, is all about practical strategies for education innovation."

Ewan’s challenging GETideas.org blog post is: An Adoption Strategy for Digital Media in Schools: Turning Great Individual Practice into the Norm.


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