Bloodhound SCC supersonic carBloodhound: inspiring BETT learnersProfessor Stephen Heppell’s work with learners and learning environments will make a compelling centrepiece for the first offshore BETT show, BETT Middle East, at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (November 21-22). He will be tapping into the Bloodhound SSC land speed record attempt to stimulate cross-curricular work inside the show that will link to other classrooms around the world.

Show organiser EMAP Connect is partnering with the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) to present the event for the region’s education sector which serves 90,000 schools and 50 million students. Exhibitors signed so far include many familiar to UK schools and BETT visitors, like Crick Software, Promethean, HarperCollins, Pearson, SMART Technologies and Frog Trade.

Teachers, school leaders, education ministers and government representatives from across a number of Middle East countries – including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Libya, Lebanon, Syria, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt and Oman – have been invited to this free event. And plans have been confirmed for a number of exhibition zones to include discussion (conference), software, special educational needs and training.

“By bringing the BETT experience to the Middle East, exhibitors and visitors will benefit from the proven successful format of BETT in the heart of this ever-expanding region,” says Emap Connect managing director Paul Dunne. “Working with ADEC we are looking forward to bringing leading educational technology and solutions to the Middle East."

Professor Heppell and his young team will be tapping into the education resources already created by the Bloodhound SSC project which is a rich education source for science, technology and mathematics (STEM) work. And they will be using display and pupil response technology, and online resources, from Bloodhound SSC sponsor Promethean who will also be exhibiting at BETT Middle East.

Promethean will launch an Arabic version of its ActivExpression software along with a new mobile whiteboard at the show and has already created a useful suite of free classroom resources on its popular Promethean Planet portal. The company is due to open a Middle East office in Bahrain.
The science behind Bloodhound (more videos below)

Bloodhound SSC packs plenty of motivation and engagement for learners. The car is thought to be the most advanced world land speed record vehicle that has ever been built. The body will have to deal with pressures of up to 12 tons per square metre, and its top, supersonic speed should take it the length of four football fields per second!

Professor Heppell and his team will be carrying out practical Bloodhound projects, like creating their own 'balloon cars" (see Bloodhound SSC site, link below) and will use ICT to develop and share the work. And Professor Heppell is understood to also have his own agenda – a veteran sailor and racer, he is understood to be looking for tips to make his own racing sailing boat go faster!

More information

BETT Middle East
Abu Dhabi Education Council
Learning spaces will also feature at a show alongside BETT Middle East. The Building Future Education MENA conference and exhibition is linked to the UK’s BSEC (Building Schools Exhibition and Conference) event.
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Bloodhound project director Richard Noble’s diary
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