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Tune in your PC as some of the world's top education thinkers debate the big issues
Acclaimed US educationist Richard DeLorenzo, co-founder of the Re-inventing Schools Coalition (RISC), heads up an impressive line-up of leading thinkers on teaching and learning and policy (including Sir Tim Brighouse and Riel Miller) for the second of Promethean's global Education Fast Forward (EFF) sessions.

The debate, under the umbrella title "Productivity in Learning", will be conducted from studios across the world using Cisco's TelePresence technology and the entire event can be viewed, free, on streaming video at 1.45pm UK time this Thursday (April 7) at (Follow the #effdebate hashtag on Twitter; questions to @effdebate.)

Richard DeLorenzo, who started his career as a special needs teacher in an Alaskan school, went on to earn an international reputation for grassroots school improvement involving performance based learning rather than earning credits to graduate. The approach has been highly successful and the RISC Foundation now works with school systems across the US on shared vision, standards-based systems and continuous improvement to help transform their organisations and develop innovative schools.

The title of his talk is "Moving to a system in which time is the variable and learning is the constant is critical if students are to take true ownership of their own learning." Another leading US academic, Dr Robert Marzano, describes the RISC model as “the most comprehensive and well-articulated approach to a performance-based reform in the entire country”.

"This is the second EFF and we are really excited about it," says Promethean head of global PR Fiona Mclean. "This time we have two great speakers to start the debate. And although talking about productivity in education may be unpalatable to some – it really is a conversation that we all have to have."

The second speaker is the UK's Jean Johnson, chief executive of the Inclusion Trust which runs, initiated by Professor Stephen Heppell. Her presentation is "Schooling has reached the end of its 'product life cycle' – models for learning should now better reflect the capabilities and needs of a technological society in a world of diminishing resources." And there will be a full range of EFF members (see below including new appointees Sir Tim Brighouse, Professor Adrian Oldknow and Sean McDougall (UK), Haif Bannayan (Jordan), Katrina Reynen (Australia). The event will be moderated by UK education consultant Gavin Dykes.

EFF because the world and technology is moving very quickly but education isn't

The first Education Fast Forward debate took place in 2010 (see "Heavyweight thinkers behind Education Fast Forward"). The organisation was set up by Promethean director of education Jim Wynn because the world and technology is moving very quickly but education isn't!

Education Fast Forward members attending the "Productivity in Learning" April 7 debate:
Hong Kong  – Tim Unwin and Sister Margaret Wong 
Hungary – Bálint Magyar
Dubai – Haif Bannayan
Brazil – Eduardo Chaves 
America – Guest presenter Richard DeLorenzo, Glen Bull and Pete Cevenini 
France – Charles Fadel 
Kenya – Jessica Coloco 
Australia – Katrina Reynen
UK – Guest presenter Jean Johnson, Sir Tim Brighouse, Gavin Dykes, Professor Adrian Oldknow, Riel Miller, Sean McDougall, Michelle Sellinger and Jim Wynn 
Canada – Deanna Del Vecchio (on behalf of Jennifer Corriero) and Kate Lang
Joining by phone – Michelle Lissoos and Conrad Wolfram 
Members unable to attend – Tom Carroll, Jenny Lewis, Sugata Mitra, Lord Puttnam

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