Professor Rob DavidsonProfessor Rob DavidsonAttracting current school students into higher education has meant that university marketeers have had to change the way they approach selling their colleges. But are they really doing enough to capture the attention of more tech-savvy teenagers?

Engaging with the so-called Generation Y – encompassing anyone born after 1981, the latest working and wealth-generating demographic group – has become critical for the higher education market. However, those in charge of the marketing budgets need to understand how this group functions and communicates and direct their marketing efforts accordingly. For some colleges this may mean a radical overhaul of how they work.

“Generation Y's acquaintance and aptitude with technology in all of its forms, from an early age, sets it apart from previous generations,” says Professor Rob Davidson from Greenwich University. “This is the first demographic to grow up with the internet and it is clear that its members view the web as a two-way communications tool. This has led a shift in media consumption towards the internet, social media and mobile phones.

'Generation Y demands more honesty and engagement from the brands it buys from'

"As a group, Generation Y also demands more honesty and engagement from the brands it buys from, meaning organisations need to think beyond conventional marketing to make an impact.”

Professor Davidson is teaming up with Active Network Events to present a free breakfast seminar, entitled ‘Generation Y and New Event Marketing Technology’, on Thursday (May 5) at London’s Royal Society of Arts (RSA) to examine this issue in greater depth. The seminar aims to show colleges and universities how to communicate and engage more effectively with this important group.

He will open by introducing Generation Y from a marketing perspective. The team at Active Network Events will then explain how live events, combined with new media and technology, such as community tools, provide an effective communications mix for educational establishments to recruit and converse with this key target group.

Commenting on the seminar, Active Network Events’ Banks Holcombe, said: “This is a great opportunity for those in higher education to gain a critical insight into the needs and demands of arguably their most important market and learn how to reach it effectively through live events.”

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"Generation Y and New Event Marketing Technology", 9-11.15am on 5 May at the Royal Society of Arts, 8 John Adam Street, London WC2N 6EZ. Register free here.
Active Network Events combines live events with online technology to increase their effectiveness and boost audience engagement.

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